EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2013 - Parents MUST attend a Parent Class PRIOR to scheduling a Student’s Driving Lessons.

A new law passed by the Massachusetts RMV in 2007 requires that parents attend an informational two (2) hour class in order for the student to receive the Driver’s Education Certificate. This is a mandatory requirement. This class explains to the parents the current requirements for students under the age of eighteen (18), the Junior Operator Laws, and the fines and penalties associated with violating those laws among other things. If a student under the age of 18, then a Parent must attend one of these informational classes. These classes are usually held on Saturdays once a month and special classes may be arranged periodically to accommodate difficult schedules. Parents will be notified, through information sent home with the students, of when these classes are being held and invited to attend. Only one parent need attend. A parent need only attend once per each five (5) years. Therefore, if a family has subsequent children attending Driver’s Education within a five (5) year period of attending a Parent Class then attendance may not be required again. If a Parent has previously attended a Parent Class at another Auto School, then a Parent Class Certificate from the other Auto School is Required. You are more than welcome to attend again if you wish.

All of our classes will take place on Zoom through the end of 2020. You will receive a Zoom meeting link after registering for class.

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