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                                                             License Test Requirements

      Any License Test that we may request or put a student on is NO GUARANTEE that the RMV will give us that date. It may be likely that the test be moved to any day during Friday to Monday of the requested weekend or cancelled by RMV at will.
      The RMV has recently changed the requirements that we must follow in order to schedule Saturday (weekend) License Tests. So if you want to be on our list for a particular Weekend, you must follow these requirements:

1) Classroom, Driving, Observation & Parent Class must be completed THREE WEEKS in advance of the License Test date.

2) We need a check payable to the MassDOT for $15 THREE WEEKS in advance of the License Test to ensure the Driver’s Education Certificate (DE Cert) is issued in ample time.

3) Once the list is sent out, I cannot change, add, or delete anyone on the list. I have to then pay a Non-refundable fee to the RMV for all the students. Therefore, I am requested the Sponsor fee of $90 along with the $15 DE Cert fee check. If you cancel or cannot make the requested test, $25 out of the Sponsor fee will be forfeit.

4) The RMV is also requiring that NO financial transactions take place during the Weekend License Testing. Therefore, all fees must be paid in advance along with the RMV License and Road Test fees. So you will be required to contact the RMV prior to the test either by phone or in person at one of their branches to pay these fees, OR go back to an RMV branch after the test to pay for and process the License.

In Summary:
1) Requirements done 3 weeks before test.
2) $15 check PAYABLE to MassDOT to us 3 weeks before test.
3) $90 check PAYABLE to MV Auto School 3 weeks before the test.
4) Call RMV at 1-857-368-8000 to PREPAY the RMV fees (typically $85) before the test or go to one of the local RMV branches.

Mailing Address:
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